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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Some new stuff in here...should I wish that flowers last all year long.
I'm so huge fan of everything related to flowers.
Scrapbook layouts, cards, keepsake boxes, creative paper crafts, clothes, and oh...even tea with flower flavors. Have you ever tried a nice and hot, light fragrance and sweet taste cup of tea made of flower petals?
That is just WONDERFUL.

Now that the weather is cooling again, I'm looking myself going to get more and more teas...and you're invited to do the same! It's such a treat!
Pour some of your favorite flavor of tea and enjoy some cozy time, while thinking about your next scrapbook or card project.

Well, about the shop update - happy to say I have 2 more options of flower bellies freshly listed at my ETSY SHOP. They are lovely made with printed periodical page paper and hand sewed by myself. I look foward to create some more soon... in the meantime, you're welcome to check them out!
The picture you see I put the colored and B&W flowers together but they can be found in separate sets to be ordered.

Thanks for dropping by!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hello...I'm just getting ready for some new BELLIES to be listed at ETSY!

Have been quite some busy days and so, but always watching for new sparkling ideas for my bellies.

More buttons, anyone?



Thursday, September 3, 2009

little treat with a lavender color

This purple-like lavender is my favorite among other "romantic colors*" I love.
I'm suspicious to say this must be the QUEEN of the colors wheel. so..I got this to make my wedding favors years ago. So the passion for this shade can't fade throughout the time...

When I saw this organza bag, I thought that I could give it as a little treat to people who'd order some of my BlueBellies at Etsy Shop. And I'd send it along with the bellies, plus a gift tag that is not shown here...well, just to keep as an SURPRISE element for now.

I'm still working on some new stuff around here for this month's bellies.
And of course there are sample projects coming up.

By the meantime, I ask, what are you doing? Are you making some "thank you" or "just because" cards?
Are you keeping your precious pictures in some AF/LF papers withing gorgeous layouts?
Are you planning the upcoming holidays gifts or keepsakes for loved ones?

Think ahead the time and get your list done...because the next holiday is around the corner....!

Happy Creating!

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