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Saturday, January 2, 2010

News for 2010

News for the new year:
As the spirit of everything new and fresh glows for this very moment of the year...I want to share my plan for BlueBellies.

Starting January 27 - besides the Etsy shop, you'll able to see AND BUY (yes!) even more bellies in here, the BB blog. All retired bellies from the Etsy shop - yes, they will not be relisted in the Etsy at this time - so if you were watching for some item and missed it, you may find it in take the advantage of this!
Plus some newbies that will be featured IN BLOG ONLY.

I'm working in order to have all things easier for all of us and I do hope you like it...

Let's start the decade in a fresh flavor.

Have a YUMMY 2010!!!

BlueBellies - always fresh

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