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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sweet and sassy

Still in this "flower power" force in the fall time - well, maybe with some seasonal colors.
Just listed another one of my bluebellies to the shop and wanted to let you know.

I'm feeling strongly that I have so much things to do/to share but just so little time. This drives me "mad", I'm not saying crazy but really makes me feel bad. Wish I can get more time.

My "wish-list" right now:
  1. reorganize my crafty room - got many new supplies and need to find them home desperately;
  2. prepare more bellies and samples - can't promise but trying my best;
  3. make-make-make cards and layouts for next 2 months' events(sighs...);
  4. this should be the first, but here we go: recycle many stuffs around the house.
Anyone feeling the same? Please feel free to leave a comment to share some idea or so...

LOL - always lots of love!

Bluebellies - time catching challenge

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