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Sunday, November 1, 2009

SWEET NOVEMBER for all of us

It's this month!
It's when the air starts to chill, nights-at-home become even cozier and it's time to highlight the thankful hearts for all sort of blessings in our lives.
It's also my daddy's and my hubby's birthdays. They celebrate their days @ same day in this month! So cool!
Swweeet coincidence...

Now updates for my Bluebellies etsy shop:
  • I've added the first sample pack - named Primicia.
It comes with 10 hand picked bluebellies - with the glue dots - ready for use!

  • This month's deal : For every 4 bluebellies sets you purchase, you'll receive another set for FREE*. Here are some samples of how it works:

  • With item A U$3.75+ item B U$3.25+item C U$3.25+item D U$2.25= FREE item U$2.25
  • With item A U$3.75+ item B U$3.50+item C U$3.25+item D U$3.25= FREE item U$3.25
  • With item A U$3.50+ item B U$3.50+item C U$3.50+item D U$3.50= FREE item U$3.50
Have a great week - enjoy the month!

...Be thankful and enjoy the everyday blessings...

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