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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Yes-I was supposed to be busy doing more bellies, listing(etsy) and posting(here) today little one was still kind of "sicky" - he got a viruse last week since then our time was not enough for anything else but taking care of him.
I had just an ordinary day as mommy. Got few time for my new etsy shop stuff but the inspiration was always sparkling in my mind. I was "drawing" mentally what I could make while playing with my kid and feeding him.

Anyways, thanks God he is getting better AND eating more. That's all that matters.
I want to list and post new items daily for this month.
And I'll do my best for it.
Well, this is one of the fresh bellies you can find at shop.

Have a great week!

Bluebellies (mommy)

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