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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hi there...
The butterfly square set of bellies you see here is one of the items I listed today.
As I'm adding new items every other day now, I also find myself in the process of creating more fresh bellies.
There are many different things I'd like to put together to see how the results will come up or the final design will look like. Well, there are lots of ideas.

I'm trying to restart (I had a break due some timing issues) another etsy shop of mine - maybe by the end of the month or next month -just working "hard" in between taking care of my baby boy and my little business stuff to get the items done and ready to be listed there.
I'll post here when all things are set up and ready to "go".

By the meantime, keep checking my posting and listing to see what I have to share with you.

Thanks again!

Bluebellies - mommy and bellies-maker.

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