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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Presenting some new bellies...

...The fresh {I} CANDY FLOWER COLLECTION from Bluebellies shop!
They all have a girly name followed by a fruit or a flavor that reminds a fruit and the color shade!

This set you see in here is called Annabella Cocoa...(smelling chocolate?)

It's meant to be just as yummy as those fruity candies any kid's hard to resist. But for paper crafts instead.
I created this collection thinking about the easiest way to use them as embellishments for a card, a page layout, a keepsake box top, and anywhere else the creativity goes to. Put the adhesive and done! Easy and pretty.

Starting next month, I'm planning to post sample projects by using many of the bellies from the etsy shop, while I'm still working on these, please come often to check more of them coming soon.

Always refreshing,
Bluebellies and {I} CANDY FLOWERs

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